Honing is the process of making the blade 'Shave Ready'. There are many different honing stones and techniques to accomplish this.

Here some of the finest Japanese water stones available are used.

The bevel is set on a Chosera 1K stone and further refined by progressively finer grit  hones, the Naniwa 3k, 5K, 8K, 12K  and finishing on a Suehiro Gokumyo 20K. Finally the blade is stropped on linen and leather to bring the edge to a 'Shave Ready' condition. This process has consistently proven to deliver a smooth and comfortable shaving experience on a wide variety of steel.

All razors are personally shave tested, re-stropped, disinfected and coated with a protective layer of oil before returning to the customer.

Turnaround time for honing is typically next day.

All that will be needed when you receive back your razor is to thoroughly wipe off all the protective oil and you are ready for a pleasant shaving experience. Stropping before the first shave is not necessary and I recommend the customer not strop the razor before shaving. A razor's edge can be quickly dulled by improper stropping and since I do not know everyones experience level I want that first shave to be amazing.