What is a Restoration?

A Vintage Restoration includes returning the blade to as near new condition as possible, disassembly, cleaning and polishing of the scales, re-pinning and honing. It can also include a set of scales replicating the originals.

A Custom Restoration includes the above but allows for a different blade finish. Typically a crocus type blade finish is used. The crocus finish is the name given by the old Sheffield masters to their mirror finish. Polishing and finishing is done in the direction the blade was originally ground. Generally from spine to bevel but there are exceptions as with the Rattler grind shown at the head of this page. It also includes a new set of scales in the material and style of the customers choice along with various styles of collars in a choice of materials.

Blade restoration using the mildest methods possible typically includes the use of  various buffing compounds but sometimes requires regrinding. The original lines and contours of the blade are retained. Being able to remove all the blade defects depends on a number of things like type of grind, depth of pitting and blade stamps to retain.

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Before and After

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Recent Restorations

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